Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Eyal Mesika believes that true security begins in the community, and that personal success is driven by a strong sense of identity and access to opportunities. Solving and preventing social problems, as well as empowering the local community, are keys to a safer, happier and healthier society.
These are the principles that drive Mesika to help in developing the young generations of the local population.

As a proud Jewish Israeli, Mesika is deeply connected to the values, culture and traditions of his motherland. He is committed to improving the Jewish-Israeli community-life in Nigeria in any way he can with the aim of creating a safe, successful and culturally rich society for all.



In 2007 Eyal Mesika established The Mesika Brothers Foundation, a philanthropic, non-profit organisation that supports children and young people in Nigeria.

The Foundation provides for the most basic needs of severely disadvantaged children by funding the running of two orphanages in the outlying suburbs of Abuja. It also focuses on promoting local entrepreneurship, developing local youth leadership initiatives, and encouraging the younger generation to make a difference and improve the quality of life in Nigeria. These objectives are achieved by offering young people management courses, technological tools, and innovative educational programs for personal growth and community empowerment.

EMI Systems Limited is proud to remain committed to its corporate social responsibility through the Foundation’s initiatives, and to help create a better and more prosperous Nigeria.

Eyal Mesika and EMI Systems also support the Israeli-Jewish community in Nigeria. Mesika makes himself personally available to assist, advise and give guidance to any Israeli in the country. In addition, together with EMI Systems, he collaborates with the Nigeria Chabad House on a variety of religious and social initiatives, among them projects that provide the community access to traditional Jewish facilities.