Chabad Building First West Africa Mikveh in Nigeria
Passover in Nigeria Supported by Mr.Eyal Mesika
A Festive Passover in Nigeria
April 25, 2016
Chabad Building the Mikveh in Nigeria
Online news site JWeekly reports on the construction of a mikveh in Nigeria.
May 12, 2016
Eyal Mesika - Building the mikveh

Jewish ritual bath in West Africa

Online news site Forward reports on the development of West Africa’s first Jewish ritual bath, which is called a 'mikveh', as part of a collaboration between locally-based Israeli owned security company EMI Systems Limited and a Chabad emissary.This mikveh, which serves as an important part of Jewish religious practice, is a facility for women, who use it to cleanse themselves before marriage and after menstruation. Plans are also in place to build another mikveh for men and a Jewish community centre.