About EMI Systems Limited
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About EMI Systems Limited

Founded in 1994, EMI Systems Limited is a security firm and industry leader in the Nigerian and Ghanaian markets.
EMI Systems provides specialist ‘full options’ security solutions to high profile clients in the private and public sectors across Nigeria and Ghana. Starting humbly, the company gradually broadened its areas of expertise within the security industry and as of recent years also expanded to real-estate, construction and real sectors investments. True to 2016 records, EMI Systems proudly employs approximately 3,500 expert workers from Nigeria and abroad.

The company’s success is built on the specialised expertise of its military-trained and security trained personnel and operations at the forefront of technological advancements in the security industry.

EMI Systems has multiple bases in Africa. Nigeria is home to the company’s headquarters, located in Abuja, as well as its factory and offices in Lagos, and additional offices in Port Harcourt. In Ghana, EMI Systems’ offices can be found in the capital, Accra.


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Core Competencies

EMI Systems Limited prides itself on delivering a variety of customised turnkey solutions that meet the exacting demands of its clientele. The company specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of a range of security products for commercial and private residences. These include anti-intruder systems, high-profile security doors and windows, specialist scanning equipment, bulletproof cars and recording devices.

Alongside its world class products, EMI Systems provides a range of top security services. These include the use of control centres for rapid response units, personal security, surveillance and training. Since a combination of solutions is often required, the company tailors its security packages to clients’ specific needs.

Consultancy and Design

EMI Systems’ proactive approach to security management ensures that its plans are never generic. The company works to understand the exact nature of a client’s circumstances along with the risks that can compromise them or their mission. A plan is then formulated to mitigate those risks. EMI Systems is set up to be able to remain focused on the objectives regardless of the operating environment.

Close Personal Security

EMI Systems’ Personal Security Detail (PSD) constitutes a major part of the company’s day-to-day work. The purpose of this service is to provide close protective support to clients in hostile environments. It entails escorting clients, providing secure transportation to desired destinations, and armed accompaniment.

EMI Systems’ PSD personnel are hand-picked from diplomatic or royal protection teams, and have a background in elite services or special forces. Specific care is taken to ensure that the right staff are matched to the client, with a focus on discreet and diplomatic interactions.

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Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

EMI Systems is led by Eyal Mesika, the company’s founder, owner and CEO. Mesika is an Israeli businessman who relocated to Nigeria in 1991, after completing his military service in Israel. He has extensive experience in security, close-protection, construction and development.

As part of Mesika’s and EMI Systems’ corporate social responsibility mission, the company runs a paid internship programme for young people in Nigeria. Every year a number of National Youth Corps members and National Industrial Training Attachment students join EMI Systems’ workforce, and receive special training and skill development opportunities in the fields of electronics and engineering.

EMI Systems supports and develops the local community through The Mesika Brothers Foundation.

Together with his company, Eyal Mesika also contributes to a variety of initiatives for the Israeli-Jewish community in Nigeria.

Company Clientele

EMI Systems Limited has a prestigious client list that includes many of the world’s leading multinational corporations,
along with government bodies. The company’s Nigeria and Ghana-based clients include:

Government Institutions
State Security Agencies
Embassies & Diplomatic Missions
Local Municipalities
Law Authorities
Health institutions & Hospitals
Financial Institutions & Banks
NGO’s (Nongovernmental Organizations) and
International organizations

Local & Foreign Corporations, such as:

Oil and Energy
Construction and infrastructure