About Eyal Mesika

About Eyal Mesika

Eyal Mesika was born in Israel in 1969. At the age of 21, after completing his military service in a combat unit of the Israel Defence Forces, he visited Africa and decided to settle in Nigeria, where he has been living ever since. In 2002, after living in Lagos for 11 years, Mesika moved to Abuja, the Nigerian capital, where he continues to live and work till date.

Building Success

Beginning his career in Nigeria in the infrastructure and construction sectors by holding a variety of executive positions in leading Nigerian based companies. After gaining experience in many areas including administration, logistics and procurement, he set out on his independent professional journey – founding his own security company.

In 1994, armed with proven management skills, a keen business sense, extensive professional knowledge and specialised IDF experience in combat and defence, Eyal Mesika founded EMI Systems Limited – a leading security company that operates both in Nigeria and in Ghana.

With diligent work and endless determination, Mesika built and developed the company, tirelessly expanding and perfecting the services and solutions it provides. He continues to efficiently lead EMI Systems to this very day as founder, owner and CEO.

Eyal Mesika

Giving Back to the Community

Aside from leading his company, Mesika also makes it a point of duty in giving back to the society in several ways. Mesika’s philosophy is that long term safety ultimately goes beyond world class security systems and solutions; it is rooted in a happy, healthy and well-functioning society. This is the high quality, sustainable kind of Security that Eyal Mesika and his company wish to provide.

In 2007, together with his brothers and EMI Systems, he founded The Mesika Brothers Foundation, which provides financial, educational and professional aid to local communities in Nigeria. Through the Foundation Mesika and EMI Systems support children in need, encourage youth leadership and empower young adults.

As a Jew and an Israeli who has been living abroad, far away from his homeland, for many years, Eyal Mesika places utmost importance on strengthening Israeli-Jewish community life and very cordial mutual coexistence with Nigerians. To do so he works closely with the local Chabad House to answer the needs of his fellow Jewish-Israeli’s in Nigeria and to fortify the bond between the community and Israel.



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Eyal Mesika
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Founder and CEO of EMI Systems Limited
EMI Systems Limited
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